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I have been subscribin­g to CBG for some time and find the workshop articles really useful. I’ve often seen that vertical bandsaws are used to cut out forms from sheet material such as steel, brass and aluminium. I’ve looked into buying one of these but it seems that the vertical saws are aimed predominan­tly at the hobby woodworker. I believe these saws run at far higher speeds (600-2600fpm) than needed for metal working (100-300fpm). I’ve not been able to find a saw for metal cutting at a reasonable price. Would any of the team be able to advise or suggest how a woodworkin­g saw may be slowed down to suit? Rob Neal

Rob, we’ve been thinking exactly the same thing! Though we’ve been scouring local auctions for one from the many engineers retiring. Any readers have an idea? And would a woodwork bandsaw with a metal blade have enough torque? – Matt

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