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Great intentions...

- Matt Hull editor@classicbik­

Firstly, may we wish you all a happy New Year from the Classic Bike Guide gang! We hope you all stayed well, got what you wished for, and enjoyed some quality time. I was most lucky, with Father Christmas bringing me a new helmet to match the R100RS!

Many find the New Year a great time for reflection. But with young’uns, this reflection time was dominated by Lego and a new fascinatio­n – model railways!

For us mere adults, this year needs to see a clear-out, so we can concentrat­e on a few machines, as well as riding more. Starting with great intentions, unusually warm weather saw the bikes pushed into service; Maria on the B31, Maria’s dad, Butch, on his Honda, Uncle John on his Royal Enfield Intercepto­r (5300 miles in nine months – not bad, John!), and myself Beemer-equipped, with trips up to and around the beautiful Norfolk coast. We are lucky to have roads that are perfect for older bikes and though we always seem to end up at Cromer or Wells-next-the-Sea, the routes to get there seem endless. And, of course, you come back with a to-do list; the BSA needs a battery (and some of those fantastic LED cycle lights to assist the Lucas candles) and I must save up for the magneto to get serviced, while the BMW needs a sidestand (ex-police – the mechanics took them off so the officers wouldn’t keep them running on the side) and the right-hand pot seems noisy - something needs looking at. Meanwhile, Butch’s Honda and John’s Enfield just needed a wash…

Neville sends his best wishes for the New Year, but he’s been buried in the workshop. So we bought him a Norfolk special – a Christmas wreath made from shotgun cartridges; artisan, I believe they call it. There’s evidence of a new project, as he asked me to blast some clutch parts for him but I didn’t recognise anything – and we’re not allowed in. Intrigue is on high alert but we’ll be the first to find out! Meanwhile, at CBG towers, the workshop has the rather loud sound of Maria’s CBR café racer clearing its throat after a cleanup of the carbs (I left petrol in), while the BMW is coming on nicely. And a little birdy told me a good friend may be getting an MZ soon; I’m sure we can find a space if it needs some attention.

A job that had to be done recently was to clear Maria’s grandparen­ts’ house. Grandad was in the Navy during the war, then stationed in Singapore, so much was of interest; so many insights into life a generation ago. Plus his tools and collection of imperial nuts and bolts are already coming in handy. I hope he would be pleased.

Talking of the New Year being a great time for reflection, what would you like to read about in Classic Bike Guide? We’re only here because of you, and unless you tell us, we’re left guessing. It is a tricky task to balance the different types, different decades, and different areas of old bikes to please everyone, so let us know. We’re easy, but what do you want to read about? Email me at editor@classicbik­ with suggestion­s, or even if you would like to see your machine in the mag for others to enjoy.

Right, enough mardl’in. Hope you enjoy the mag. I’m off to make a clutch tool for the BMW and clear a ditch.

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