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The Brühl MD1900+ bike dryer


■ £135 ■ It’s as burly as a manicure ■ Shhh – it’s brilliant

I’ve seen bike dryers being demonstrat­ed at many a bike show and have always been a bit snooty about them... or was, until I started riding motorcycle­s with lots of hidden nooks and crannies. One of the better-known brands is Brühl, that has added a heated drier to its range.

The MD1900+ Single Turbine Dryer can be used to dry a bike, scooter, and even a helmet, in minutes. Whether you’re riding through the colder, wetter months or storing your bike until spring returns, it’s crucial to keep it dry, otherwise corrosion will set in and electrics and other components could become temperamen­tal or fail altogether.

Brühl make three dryers – a simple blower, the MD1400, the heated MD1900+, and the MD2800PRO twin blower that uses the heat created by the twin fans to direct warm airflow and has enough power to dry off cars and vans too.

The MD1900+ blows warm air heated with a 500W element drying a washed or rain-soaked machine without the hard work of a chamois or cloth. The blast of air gets moisture out of unreachabl­e areas, like electrical switches, under bodywork, and around the engine – particular­ly important if the bike will be stored.

It also reduces unsightly water-spotting and corrosion on paint and brightwork and, since there’s no need to touch the bike, the risk of scratches and damage is also removed.

For helmets the Brühl will blow rain out of vents and visor mechanisms, and can dry out the interior. The flexi hose can extend from 1.5 to 3.5 metres and enables you to aim air in just about any direction, and the heater can be switched off during warmer months when hot air is not required. It’s covered by a two-year warranty.

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