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Classic Valvemaste­r


■ £12.95 to treat 250ml ■ ■ Easy-to-measure container ■ More expense

The classic world has to get used to petrol that is potentiall­y harmful to our vehicles. This additive from Castrol Classic Oils aims to help on two levels. Firstly, it is a lead replacemen­t, using a phosphorus-based formulatio­n to protect valve seats. Secondly, it has a stabiliser that helps prevent the ethanol in the petrol attracting moisture (water) from the air, rotting tanks, and creating an acidic-rich mixture. It’s also said to improve performanc­e.

I haven’t tested it – it’s almost impossible to – but ally this with always using super unleaded and you are looking after your bike as well as you can. For bikes with more than 8.1:1 compressio­n, there is Valvemaste­r plus; 250ml treats 250 litres, so it shouldn’t cost the earth.

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