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Oxford Café Racer bar end mirror


■ £49.99 Oxfordprod­ ■ Very well made for the price ■ Doesn’t come loose like cheap rivals ■ Took some modifying to fit

I’ve been looking for some bar mirrors for our café racer after trying several, admittedly cheaper, rivals. They all came loose or even fell out, but these look really good. It didn’t start well, with our clip-on handlebar internal diameter falling in the middle of the adjustable mount, meaning I had to get the file out. But I tried fitting it to standard Norton handlebars and they pop straight in.

It takes a while to get them right for you, but you then have clear sight. The mirror is excellent and the only downside is that the bike is wider and if you knock them, it’s getting the tools out to re-align. The best so far, but I’m still looking for the perfect bar end mirror.

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