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2022 is go!

- Matt Hull editor@classicbik­

Greetings oh lovers of old motorcycle­s. We hope you are well and that we find you smiling. According to the chip papers, the world is all terrible, everyone is horrible, and we all need to hide away in the back shed, counting what little money we have left and making hats out of tin foil. But, and it may be somewhat naïve, we’ve been too busy to worry about things largely out of our control. The weather has been great, the bike meets are in full swing, and the country, steam, car and bike shows are rejoicing in being allowed once more. Those bikes won’t ride themselves, you know!

The young ’uns have been getting their first taste of pillion rides on the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Maria has been racking up the miles on that. Neville has mostly been sorting a Fordson Major with son, George, his good lady Stacey and their soon-to-be little one for the shows (Perkins engine, Roadless conversion and quite a machine), while I have been getting some steelwork sorted to help fix a level crossing gate and pottering around on whatever I can steal.

The bikes we have seen are brilliant. From our friend Martin on his trusty R80 to autocycles, a glorious Ducati 851 outside our local friendly Ducati showroom, immaculate Bantams, a lovely man on his 15 year-old Enfield trials at Hunstanton, and Butch has bought a brand new Triumph Street Twin! Oh, and meet Avi, the new Classic Bike Guide dog.

Bikes, trains, tractors, dogs and even lawnmowers... they’ve all been out this month. Hope you have too. Bikes are transport, they are a hobby, but they also bring solace in times of hardship if you need.


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