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Lyndon Askey’s Royal Enfield flat tanker isn’t quite what it seems. Certainly at first glance it looks like it is straight out of the 1920s. Lyndon says he wanted a flat tanker for years but didn’t really want to spend a five-figure sum for the privilege, so he decided to build his own. “This is my Royal Enfield Autojumble Special. It’s made from old bits, new bits, bits from my shed, and ‘anything you like bits’. It cost me about £2000 to build.”

The engine, gearbox, clutch and hubs are from a 1956 250cc Royal Enfield Clipper, which is what Lyndon started with. The rest of the bike was made, adapted or made from scratch to suit the 1920s look. The major parts of the frame and forks were home-made, as were the tank and mudguards – Lyndon is formerly a profession­al creator of automotive bodywork. The oil pump on the petrol tank is a fake but looks dead right, and the headlamp was made from a saucepan he borrowed from his kitchen. The cellulose paintwork is his own design. It has a 1956 registrati­on number, issued by the DVLA based on the engine number.

Lyndon said: “It’s great fun to ride and creates a lot of interest wherever it goes.”

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