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Segura Leone jacket

- £344.99

Appearing to be a waxed cotton-style jacket, the Leone turns out to be a whole lot more! The first thing to note is the removable inner of a quilted lumberjack-type shirt which fits into the body of the main jacket via buttons and hoops – and is more than just a liner as it is wearable on its own (preferably with trousers, etc.).

The textile outer has a breathable and waterproof membrane that is surprising­ly efficient; after a downpour on the M180 that can only be described as a monsoon (genuinely the heaviest rain I have ever ridden in), I remained as dry as a bone inside the Leone, even though the outer was completely ‘wetted out’, which not only speaks volumes for the efficiency of the waterproof membrane, but also for the design of the zip flap and collar! Astounding­ly, the unshrouded zips on the arms let in no moisture, nor did the zipped pocket on the chest.

There are no less than six external pockets – plus a ‘map pocket’ at the rear, which I’ve yet to find practical for anything at all as I’m unable to access it when wearing the jacket – and two internal pockets, while the zip cuffs are ideal for tucking under winter gloves or over summer gloves... the perfect compromise! Additional fitment tweaks include the waist belt and a pair of side zips above the hips, too.

There are CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors fitted into the outer jacket (they remain in place when the liner is removed), although while there’s a pocket for a back protector, there isn’t one fitted. This seems to be the general situation with a motorcycle jacket nowadays – that while shoulders and elbows have their protectors, there isn’t one for the back. This may be because a jacket needs to have elbow and shoulder armour fitted to get the approval for sale as a motorcycle jacket, or it may be (as many manufactur­ers state) because owners like to pick their own back protector. I’d rather have one and then decide if I like it or not. That’s not a jibe at this particular jacket, but of modern bike jackets in general.

Of particular note is that the Leone has a three-year warranty, a rather impressive statement about the jacket’s durability, especially at a price point somewhat lower than that of other warrantied jackets, and so far, having used it at the tail end of one summer and through the following winter, there has been no issues whatsoever. Impressive!

www.ammoprobik­ £9.50

It may come as a surprise to some folk, but our clothing needs servicing nearly as regularly as our motorcycle­s do. Whether it be a simple clean or a full ‘strip and rebuild’, if we want our bike jackets, boots, gloves, etc. to remain as waterproof, as durable in a crash, and as comfortabl­e and freshsmell­ing as when they were new, we need to look after them.

Being a natural material and, as such, more prone to the breakdown of its constructi­on than manmade materials, leather needs looking after probably more than any other kind of material. Fortunatel­y, as we’ve been using it as protective clothing since way before motorcycle­s were invented, we have an idea of how to look after it, and many products have been invented to help us do just that. Ammo Leather Cleaner & Conditione­r is one such product, and is super easy to use with an immediate improvemen­t. My 4SR jacket had sat on a hanger in my garage for a few weeks after a damp ride and was starting to show signs of mildew and beginning to smell a little fusty. After a quick spray with the fluid, it was left for a minute or so and then wiped off. Not only were the mildew and dead flies removed, but rather a lot of dirt, too! Aside from cleaning the muck off, the fluid also conditions the leather, leaving it with a subtle shine and an increased tendency for water to run off rather than soak in – a bonus in all ways! Pleased with the end result, I went around all the leather clothing hanging in my garage (jackets, boots, one-piece race leathers) and treated them as well.

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