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4SR Rebel III jacket



■ £300.00

There’s a world of choice when it comes to jackets nowadays, yet the traditiona­l BLJ (black leather jacket) is still popular among many, especially those of us who ride classic machinery. The traditiona­l jacket must be leather, all black, with metal zips, and have a silk (or similar) liner that is either black or maroon in colour. Just like this 4SR jacket, as it happens. Made of sturdyfeel­ing 1.1mm buffalo leather with level two armour in the shoulders and elbows (no back protector), it has a lining that feels rather luxurious, albeit being manmade fabric. The zips are quality metal YKK ones, with four outer pockets and three inners

(one with a zip and two larger mesh pockets), and there’s a zip to attach to trousers. There are armpit vents and perforated leather to upper arm’s rear, and being leather it is shower-proof and comfortabl­e, with the back being long enough to cover any chance of ‘builder’s crack’ peeking out if in a crouch. There’s a press-studded leather flap to prevent the zip scratching the petrol tank, with my only criticism being that the cuffs are tight, so it wouldn’t be possible to wear it on the outside of longer gloves – although this does mean it’s easier to pull long gloves over the top of the sleeves! This is the jacket I turn to first, which probably says more than any specificat­ions can ever do.

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