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Memories of Phil, Terry and Ron


The photo of a young Ron Haslam on pages six and seven of the April 2022 issue brought back many memories of watching him riding TZ Yamahas for the Pharaoh Racing Team and then works Hondas. The ‘Rocket Ron’ nickname was well deserved as he was usually first away from the grid, riders having to run and bump-start the bikes into life in those days. Ron had two brothers who were also members of the Pharaoh Racing Team: Phil, who rode solos, and Terry, who drove sidecars. Tragically, both lost their lives on the track – Phil in 1974 at Oliver’s Mount and Terry at Assen in 1984.I believe Ron was world champion three times and British champion four times in a career spanning 30 years. I have included some photos of a T-shirt I wore at the time, bought while at the Dutch Grand Prix in the late 1970s from the Promoto van. Best wishes, Gary Ryder, West Mids.

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