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Cat Pena, 20, owns this beautiful Bros 400. She passed her CBT last July, rode a 125 for a few months, and then did her A2 training and test on a restricted Suzuki SV650 bike. Ironically, the SV is larger and heavier than the Bros! It is also older than Cat, so what made her go for a Bros and not one of the shiny, new bikes out there? “I’m in a bike group and a friend there had one his dad had owned since it was first imported. He is tall but wanted it to still be around so he could see it ridden. I was looking for something more modern, but with the single-sided swingarm, aluminium frame, and undated looks, I fell in love with it. And it’s a V-twin. Even as a 400, it feels nippy! Trying to find bits can be tricky, but I like the fact that it sticks out and it’s very resilient. And I can touch the ground. I don’t like the small tank and it has no fuel gauge. But I’ve done loads of miles since getting it and love it!”

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