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Daytona memories


I was at Daytona in 1977, high in the stands above turn one going into the infield. My memory suggests Neilson won by either 29 or 31 seconds, but that’s with my eyes refocusing on my wristwatch, which I did twice every lap as he pulled away from Emde and Cooley. It really was a remarkable ride to witness, the only problem with it being he had no competitio­n. The real race that day was between Pridmore/ BMW and Baldwin/Moto Guzzi for fourth; they were riveting every lap, start to finish.

Cycle magazine was truly excellent. I still have articles saved from it on file, though Neilson’s Ducati isn’t among them. If I recall correctly, Neilson and Schilling sometimes referred to Old Blue as Overdog. It would’ve fit. My thanks to Greg Pullen for a good read.

Dana Shifflett

Newton Kansas

(RAF Mildenhall 84-86)

Many thanks for that personal insight, Dana – Matt

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