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Dorothy’s Speed Shop


Nathan Millward, a splendid chap, runs Dorothy’s Speed

Shop in Barnstaple, and offers tours around the South West, Wales, Ireland, and beyond. He has a fleet of Royal Enfields, or you can use your own bike. We were there to take in the Land’s End run, the next of which is on August 2/3, leaving in the morning from Dorothy’s Speed Shop, with an overnight stop down at Land’s End, then back the next day. You’ll get a chance to ride all the Enfields, including the new Scram, and enjoy 300 miles of great riding. Cost is £320 inclusive of fuel, insurance, one night’s accommodat­ion, and a support vehicle to carry your gear, though space is limited so don’t take too much.

£320, you say? Isn’t that little tasty? Well, no. It’s not much more than the price of a ticket to watch Manchester United play at home on a wet Tuesday night. If you are considerin­g buying an Enfield of any kind, look at it as a great way to try out the whole range on proper roads, rather than just a supervised ride round the block; £320 is a small price to pay to find out you don’t fit the Meteor, or that the Intercepto­r suits you just right.

Want to ride your own bike round the West Country with an experience­d guide instead? How about a three-night camping weekend for £240? Or any number of day trips and adventures, military history tours, off-road experience­s on Postie bikes, training sessions, Himalayan adventure days, and A2 licence riding days where you can get some proper on-road experience on a mid-power motorcycle on a selection of BMWs, KTMs, Hondas, and even a CCM. Days start at £145, and you can buy gift vouchers, or perhaps your significan­t other might buy you one if you drop enough hints. Visit www. dorothyssp­

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