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The Jack Pine Enduro


The Jack Pine Enduro started as the Jack Pine Run, by the Lansing Motorcycle Club of Michigan in 1923 – an 800-mile, three-day trek.

For many years, the run was the realm of big Harley-Davidson and Henderson motorcycle­s, often as combinatio­ns, fording raging rivers and climbing tortuous inclines.

In the late 1930s the club began to use as its base Jack Pine Lodge, a holiday resort and campsite in Upper Michigan. The resort had been won by the owner in a card game.

In the postwar period, British machines arrived for the competitio­n and there were wins for AJS and BSA, with the first win by a Triumph in 1951.

Triumph competed with BSA and NSU for the top honours for next 15 years, with Triumph winning seven times, before Husqvarna started a long run of victories.

In its heyday, the Jack Pine Enduro, as it was renamed in

1959, would attract 600 or more riders tackling a course that was a gruelling 500 miles off-road over two days. The event had the same kudos in US motorcycli­ng circles as Daytona.

These days, the enduro is shorter and runs over a single day. More purpose-built enduro bikes take part, with Gas Gas and KTM slogging it out for the top spots.

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