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Enfield on the hunt for more sales


You can tell summer is coming to an end – the major bike manufactur­ers have started releasing details of next year’s models and ‘arranging’ photograph­ers to ‘accidental­ly’ capture spy shots of prototypes. The forthcomin­g range of Triumph/Bajaj lightweigh­ts have been spotted in the Midlands and Royal

Enfield has been trying out its new 450cc Himalayan.

Closer to production is RE’s latest use of its 350cc engine from the Meteor and Classic models. The new 350 Hunter is, according to RE, “a ‘two-wheeled double espresso’ of motorcycli­ng.”

Nonsense PR quotes aside (and RE are up there with Triumph on that game), the design is like a mini Bonneville and looks really great, with 17in wheels. RE see it as its way to the younger rider for cruising the city. It’s apparently lighter than the existing 350 models, too.

The seat on the Hunter is noticeably higher than that on the Classic or Meteor, the styling is a lot less restrained, and the petrol tank bears a marked resemblanc­e to 1960s and 1970s offerings.

The Hunter will be officially launched in Cologne in October, and if the price in India is to translate to the UK, it should be below £4000. Our Chad will report more next month.

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The new 350 Hunter
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