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Model 8 (Matchless G5)


348cc (72 x 82.5mm) ohv single || 350lb || 70mpg || 80mph || 1960-62

A bigger version of the 250cc Model 14 built with better forks taken from the early 1950s, heavyweigh­t but with a slightly feeble brake from the two-stroke range. They provide a better ride than the early 250s, although by 1962 there was nothing between them apart from better torque. The 350s didn’t last long as they competed with AMC’s own heavyweigh­t 350 singles without being better, just slightly lighter. Surprising­ly quick and pleasant to ride, and currently enjoying rising prices along with their 250 stablemate­s.

Prices: low £2000 || high £4000

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