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Model 14 (Matchless G2)


248cc (70 x 65mm) ohv single || 340Ib || 85mpg || 75mph || 1958-66 The 250cc learner laws meant many British manufactur­ers had a new market, and AMC came up with a new lightweigh­t range. To do this it used a frame based on its James two-strokes and similar cheaper cycle parts, and designed a new fourstroke engine to fit. Engine appeared to be of unit constructi­on, but the gearbox was separate and cylindrica­l, attached to the crankcases by a pair of steel straps, and you rotated it to maintain primary chain tension. These bikes were not a commercial success. They have their faults, not least in build quality, but some find them attractive, especially those looking for a lighter, smaller machine. Best bets are AMC-forked versions, especially the late CSR (café racer) versions.

Prices: low £1500 || high £3000

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