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Model 30 (Matchless G11)


593cc (72 x 72.8mm) ohv twin || 410lb || 60mpg || 90mph || 1956-58 As the 1950s progressed, there was a hunt for performanc­e and cubes. AMC stretched the 500 twin, simply over-boring it a little to provide the extra capacity. This is the least common of the AMC twins, and the 600s have been described as the best model in the series. The sports version is very unusual and very handsome, and will cost an easy £1000 more than an equivalent standard roadster. The very rare CSR version may fetch even more. Previous owners, at least in recent years, are likely to also be solid and sensible individual­s rather than throttle-happy hooligans.

Prices: low £3500 || high £7500

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