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Model 33 (Matchless G15)


745cc (73 x 89mm) ohv twin || 420lb || 45mpg || 110mph || 1964-68

Following the sales failure of the G15/45, AMC took its Norton Atlas 750 twin and slotted it into an AJS/ Matchless chassis to create these 750 twins. The result is a terrific motorcycle – more rewarding to ride than the sum of its parts and one of the most attractive British motorcycle­s of the 1960s. The AMC frame absorbs more of the vibration of the mighty Atlas engine than the welded Norton offering. The 750 hybrids came in three forms: Mk2 UK-style roadster; CS street scrambler; and CSR café racer. Confusingl­y, the CS and CSR can be similar, especially US-spec models. The AJS versions are very rare and therefore expensive. The final hybrids used the same engine squeezed into the cycle parts of the Matchless G85CS scrambler, replacing that machine’s ohv alloy 500 single to produce the P11, P11A, and Ranger 750, often badged as Nortons. These machines are addictive, rare, highly sought-after and highly priced.

Prices: low £6000 || high £15,000

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