Classic Bike Guide

C25 Barracuda (66-67) Starfire (68-70)


249cc ohv single || 330Ib || 60mpg || 75mph || 1966-70

BSA restyled the C15 with a bit more go at the expense of some reliabilit­y. Better suspension, lighting and braking were added, and they can be surprising­ly charming – and quick-steering, as the later frames were increasing­ly based around those used on the off-road competitio­n models. Revs like a modern bike; can sound like a bag of spanners. Known for ‘grenading’ their engines. Became the B25 Starfire in 1968, and this is a better bet as it is more reliable and less vibratory following a mild detuning. Also sold as the detuned Fleetstar for fleet users, the last models had 12v electrics, good brakes and front ends from the middleweig­ht Triumphs, making for a safer ride on modern roads.

Prices: low £1750 || high £3995

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