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FH (Huntmaster)


The engine of the Huntmaster was based on the venerable BSA A10’s and retained the iron cylinder head to its end. The A10 basics make the Huntmaster the more usable Ariel twin because of the easy availabili­ty of engine spares. It can be upgraded using many modernised and sporting BSA A10 components. A Huntmaster is entirely capable of longdistan­ce two-up travel. However, like other Ariels, the tin bits are scarce, although the rise of replica parts has eased this somewhat. The brakes can be marginal, although they were deemed sufficient for sidecar use in their day. The Cyclone was a US version with higher compressio­n pistons, and was selected by Buddy Holly as his machine of choice.

Prices: low £3000 || high £6500

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