Classic Bike Guide

B32, B34, DB34, DBD34 Gold Star


348cc ohv single || 360lb || 65mpg || 85mph || 1949-57 (B32)

499cc ohv single || 410Ib || 55mpg || 110mph || 1950-62

One of the truly legendary motorcycle­s. Fun on the open road, but antisocial and awkward in traffic. Hugely overpriced thanks to a mythical reputation. Rewarding to own and to learn to ride properly on, though you might require regular trips to the osteopath if you are using a café-racered clip-on equipped version. Spares and club support are excellent. There are many fakes and replicas out there, so buy from someone you trust and always with a warranty. Specialist services and updated, uprated components are readily available. Off-road versions are more rideable, the toughest to live with being the machines with racing gearboxes. Prices are becoming slightly more realistic, but its legend is a real one. Prices: low £9000 || high £20,000

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