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A75R/ Rocket 3


740cc ohv triple || 520lb || 35mpg || 125mph || 1968-72

The Rocket 3 was quite a sensation when launched, with its punchy accelerati­on, unconventi­onal styling, high top speed and excellent steering. The bikes are in great demand and can be expensive to run, although parts supply is good from several expert and specialist suppliers. Rewarding to own and ride, they can accept the disc brakes and electric starter from the T160 Trident. The late US market bikes are the most stylish and the most expensive. They share an excellent owners’ club with Triumph’s Tridents. A reputation for complexity has kept prices affordable for a UK roadster model, though a good one will be pricier than the Trident equivalent.

Prices: Low £4500 || High £13,000 (late US version)

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