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A50 Royal Star


499cc ohv twin || 420Ib || 60mpg || 90mph || 1962-66

The A50 was BSA’s unit-constructi­on replacemen­t for the A7. One to consider if you fancy 1960s chic and are not that worried about performanc­e. It has all the style of the 650s but with less go and fewer vibes, and the reduced capacity makes it less stressed. Bargains can sometimes be found, and they make good working bikes. 12v alternator electrics and seriously simple maintenanc­e make them entirely practical riding machines, while many have been reimported from export markets, adding to both variety and appeal. Export styling is rather more adventurou­s than UK home market, too. The engines shouldn’t leak, much, and they shouldn’t rattle if they’ve been put together properly.

Prices: low £3000 || high £6000

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