This isn’t a Sun­beam cle­vis (if I had one I wouldn’t be mak­ing one) but it gives you the idea. The raw ma­te­rial I’ll be mak­ing it from is this piece of ½in stain­less square bar. 2

Us­ing an ‘odd­leg’ caliper to score a cen­tre line on the bar, I made ini­tial dots with an au­to­matic cen­tre punch be­fore en­larg­ing them with a ham­mer and punch. 3

With the bar in a vice on the pil­lar drill I made a row of holes, slightly smaller than the groove in the cle­vis and small enough not to run into each other when drilling. 4

Next, join the holes with a hack­saw; cut care­fully as the blade may snag, keep slightly in­board of the outer edge of the holes so as not to ac­ci­den­tally en­large the slot. 5

Fil­ing will most con­trol­lably open the slot to size – the se­cret is not to use bat­tered old files. Prop­erly sharp, they will re­move metal quickly and safely. 6

Hav­ing said that, if you have ac­cess to a milling ma­chine, that can be used for this part of the job to save the ef­fort of hand fin­ish­ing... 7

The part-made cle­vis then goes into a four-jaw chuck on the lathe; a three-jaw chuck can’t grip a four-sided bar. First I drilled the hole for the cable at­tach­ment... 8

... then turned the round di­am­e­ter for the wrist of the cle­vis. While still in the lathe I put a tap in the tail­stock drill chuck and started the thread for the cable by hand. 9

Af­ter that, all that was left was to cross-drill and tap for the pivot screw (also turned on the lathe) and pol­ish it all up on the buff­ing wheel.

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