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These pho­tos are of my dad, Phil Wort, aboard his beloved BSAS in Birm­ing­ham in the ’40s. He worked at the BSA fac­tory and would brag that he sneaked most of the parts for his Golden Flash out of the fac­tory un­der his jacket and built it at home. He and mum would ride off for camp­ing week­ends in Wales, with a belt tied around both of them to stop mum falling off the back when she fell asleep! The pho­tos be­low show: dad aged 18 in 1947 on I don’t know what (but looks pretty good); dad and his mate Les in 1949 on a B31; mum and dad on the same bike. The photo above is his brother Nor­man on the Flash.

Would love to know a few de­tails about dad’s bikes, if any­one’s got any ideas. I in­her­ited my love of bikes from my dad, and the good-look­ing geeza be­low is me on the day I left home in Torquay in 1980 on my beau­ti­ful GT500 – what a screamer. In this photo the left pis­ton was cracked and ran for an­other 500 miles be­fore we re­placed it – it never missed a beat. Dad is long gone and yes, Rick – be­ing 56 years is crap, but we’re still rid­ing, aren’t we? Adrian Wort

Gold Flash was al­legedly smug­gled out of the fac­tory ‘one piece at a time’

LEFT: Phil Wort and mate Les on a BSA B31 in 1949

Adrian on his fourth bike – a scream­ing Suzuki GT500

ABOVE: Phil in 1947 on an un­known bike

Adrian’s mum and dad on the same B31

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