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Paul Hux­ley found an old black and sil­ver num­ber plate and asks how he can find out what bike it came from.

First step is the ‘ve­hi­cle en­quiry’ sec­tion of the DVLA web­site, which can pro­vide make, year, ca­pac­ity and tax­a­tion sta­tus – but only if the bike’s on the DVLA com­puter; if it doesn’t come up, it’s ei­ther no longer around or has been off the road for over 35 years. The only chance then is that the let­ter pre­fix will per­haps re­veal when/where the num­ber was is­sued and check­ing the BSA Own­ers Club’s list of sur­viv­ing ve­hi­cle reg­is­ters (bsaown­er­ uk/lis­tex­ist­in­greg­is­ters.html) will tell you where to find the orig­i­nal regis­ter – if it sur­vives, in which case a visit to what­ever lo­cal his­tory cen­tre may pro­vide the an­swer.

How­ever, then Paul sent the num­ber – 08 KC 11 is a mil­i­tary num­ber and look­ing at a mil­i­tary ve­hi­cle web­site, I found that let­ters KA to KZ were is­sued to all ser­vices from 1982-94. With KC pre­sum­ably be­ing closer to ’82 than ‘94 I’d say it came off a Can-am Bombardier, re­moved when the bike was sold off and reg­is­tered for civil­ian use.

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