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- Murray Scullion

Agnelli is a documentar­y about that Agnelli. That’s right, Mr ‘watch on the outside of his shirt’ has been given the 1 hour 45-minute Hollywood documentar­y treatment.

This polished American-made production paints Fiat Chairman, Gianni Agnelli, as the man who dragged post-war Italy up by the bootstraps, bringing with him prosperity and pizzazz. Agnelli really focuses on the man behind the money, racing, and strike action by interviewi­ng family members, girlfriend­s, confidante­s – plus there’s newly-discovered footage thrown in for good measure.

It’s as glitzy as you’d imagine considerin­g he was once described as ‘the king of Italy’ (after all, he did marry a princess) but the equal measure of archive footage and up-to-date dialogues creates a shiny high-end documentar­y befitting of the man. A must-watch for anyone besotted with the history of cars.

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