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Mixed bag in Thailand


A fascinatin­g mixture of elderly cars has come to light in Thailand – and more could still emerge. An explanatio­n for their long-stored presence comes from Vilai Leh, the Bangkok agent for Vintage Tyres of Beaulieu in Hampshire. A mechanic and car restorer she met through the Vintage Car Club of Thailand alerted her to the collection.

‘They are owned by an 82-year-old man who has decided to sell them to pay for medical expenses,’ says Vilai. ‘Some cars in his collection were bought from high-ranking officers or ministers in Burma. He kept his collection in a big barn. Apparently he still has a lot more old cars there but he won’t allow people to get inside to look.’

Among them is a Morris 8 tourer wearing a badge from Ruston & Hornsby, a Lincolnshi­re traction-engine builder. Others a long way from home include a Citroën Traction Avant, an E-series Morris 8 saloon, a Ford E93A Prefect with race numbers on the doors, a rusty but probably saveable Mercedes 170V and a de-bodied Austin 7.

Vilai’s restorer chum has sold all the cars on behalf of the owner, but a second tranche is expected. More details from

 ??  ?? Citroën Traction Avant has been sold
Citroën Traction Avant has been sold
 ??  ?? Ford Prefect is no longer race-fit
Ford Prefect is no longer race-fit

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