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‘Fer­rari’s Colombo V12 en­gines are very sen­si­tive to pre­cise tim­ing; the two sets of points in each dis­trib­u­tor have to be ex­actly 180 de­grees apart and then the sec­ond dis­trib­u­tor has to be timed to the first one,’ says Tim Bate of Em­blem Sports Cars. ‘I like this old­fash­ioned probe with a light­bulb in­side for set­ting the static tim­ing be­cause un­like an LED, the bulb in this one flick­ers and gets brighter or darker de­pend­ing on how close to spot-on you are. They’re harder to get hold of now – I’ve had this one since I was 20 or 21.’

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