Classic Cars (UK) - - The List -

Jaguar MKIX

‘Re­minds me of stately home pic­nics in the Six­ties’

Bent­ley 4.5 Litre

‘I’ve wanted to drive one ever since I saw The Fast Lady in the Six­ties.’

Jaguar XK150 dhc

‘I have a thing about Jaguars and love the bul­bous styling – more so than the 120/140. It’s faster too.’

Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0

‘I’d love to feel the force be­fore it’s too late!’

Mercedes-benz 300SL Gull­wing

‘When I was a kid, a friend’s car dealer dad had one in. I was promised a ride but am still wait­ing.’

Austin-healey 3000

‘Just a car I’ve al­ways liked. I’d love to know how it drives.’

MGA 1600 road­ster

‘I loved these as a boy. I had MGA stick­ers all over my push­bike.’

Jaguar Mk2

‘I went to the Nür­bur­gring with a pal in his Maserati. One of these came past and we couldn’t catch it.’

Bent­ley S3

‘I’ve driven plenty of mod­ern Bent­leys but these are the ones with all the style.’

Jensen In­ter­cep­tor

‘I can still pic­ture one that drove past some park gates in the Six­ties. I swore I’d own one be­fore I was 30...’

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