Quentin Will­son re­veals two Fer­raris and a Jaguar to buy now, and judges whether record fig­ures for a Ford Es­cort Mex­ico should be taken se­ri­ously

E-type re­place­ment fi­nally un­locks the wal­lets of a new gen­er­a­tion of Jaguar lovers VALUE 2010 £6250 VALUE NOW £13k

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Fi­nally, af­ter years of false dawns and flat val­ues things are look­ing up for Jaguar’s XJ-S. There’s clear ev­i­dence that a new de­mand is mov­ing prices higher and any­thing low mileage, rare or special has com­fort­ably bro­ken the £20k thresh­old. Maybe a new gen­er­a­tion of Jaguar fanciers has come of age or we’ve just all sud­denly re­alised that Coven­try’s slinky GT has been too cheap for too long, but a fresh sen­ti­ment is def­i­nitely stir­ring out there.

In Anglia’s May sale a 1989 5.3 con­vert­ible with 54,000 miles and eight stamps in the book made £18,550 and a ’92 facelift 4.0 coupé with 62,000 and 15 dealer stamps made a solid £18,020. Slades Garage in Buck­ing­hamshire has a rare ’85 V12 SC Cabri­o­let with just 14,000 miles for £39,950 while UK Sports and Pres­tige in Har­ro­gate has a ’95 4.0 litre Cel­e­bra­tion coupé with 70k for £29,900. These fig­ures are all sig­nif­i­cantly up on last year.

Com­pared to Ital­ian su­per­cars such prices look bar­gain base­ment and per­haps that’s the rea­son for this re­nais­sance – a light bulb mo­ment where en­thu­si­asts recog­nise a new value and de­sir­abil­ity in low-mileage cos­seted ex­am­ples.

But while the gen­eral mar­ket catches up with this shift there will be op­por­tu­ni­ties such as the red ’77 V12 coupé with 59,000 miles that slipped un­der the radar in Barons’ May sale, knocked down for a very cheap £5610. And it’s the pre-he cars that I reckon have the great­est long-term po­ten­tial. Launch year ’75s are the purest and rarest with their Kent al­loys, Seven­ties colours and un­adorned bod­ies. Find an ul­tra-rare V12 man­ual (only 300-odd were built) and you’ll have a Jag coupé that’s ac­tu­ally more ex­clu­sive than a 1961 flat­floor out­side bon­net lock E-type. And re­mem­ber those first cars starred in TV se­ries such as Re­turn of The Saint and The New Avengers, so there’s a great retro Seven­ties her­itage bub­bling away too. Al­ready I’m see­ing signs that early cars are at­tract­ing strong at­ten­tion and sell­ing quickly, so don’t hang about – the 1975-77 XJ-S is def­i­nitely one to buy right now.

‘Coven­try’s slinky GT has been too cheap for too long’

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