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I am a fully paid-up mem­ber of the petrol­head club. I’ve owned a Fer­rari Dino, 308, 456 and 575, a Porsche 911 RS and 964 RS, a Lo­tus Elan Sprint, a Lan­cia Evo In­te­grale, a BMW Z8, an Ea­gle E-type, a 289 Co­bra and more. In all that time I’ve never bought a car as an in­vest­ment or with lever­aged money; I bought and drove what I could af­ford at the time. I must have ‘lost’ mil­lions by sell­ing cars rather than hang­ing on to them (the 911 RS sold for £55k, the Dino for £60k, etc) but own­ing and en­joy­ing cars is what it’s all about.

Far too much ink flows in this mag­a­zine de­scrib­ing how a reader can make money out of their hobby, even own­ing a car sim­ply be­cause it may rise in value. Please stop the prop­a­ga­tion of the myth of seem­ingly in­evitable price rises.

If profit on a car is mak­ing you smug, sell. If en­joy­ment of your col­lec­tion is what makes you tick, keep ’em. Bear in mind that the num­ber of fu­ture buy­ers is dra­mat­i­cally di­min­ish­ing. Many peo­ple born af­ter 1990 can­not or do not wish to drive cars with no air­con, trac­tion con­trol or an au­to­matic gear­box.

Now, I’m off for a drive... Mark Gren­side

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