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sexy four-seater con­vert­ibles are thin on the ground. Car de­sign­ers seem ob­sessed with stow­ing golf clubs rather than real-life con­cerns like chil­dren, friends or dogs. But Maserati’s 2010 Gran­cabrio has room for ev­ery­body, along with gor­geous looks, strong heave and a sen­sa­tional sound­track. But the first four-seat con­vert­ible in Maserati’s his­tory is cheaper than you’d think and al­most as spa­cious as a Bent­ley Con­ti­nen­tal GTC.

The ear­li­est low-mileage Gran­cabrios are down to £39k, which is a far cry from their heady orig­i­nal list price of £100k. The Per­for­mance Pad­dock in Kent has a 2010 in Gri­gio metal­lic with 25,000 miles and full Maserati his­tory for £39,900 while Evans Hal­shaw in Coven­try has a 2011 in black with 39k and his­tory for £39,520. Out of the 500odd Gran­cabrios reg­is­tered with the DVLA there are 160 up for sale at the mo­ment, so those ask­ing prices will get cheaper still.

With 434bhp from the 4.7 V8 they’re good for 177mph and 0-60 in 5.1 sec­onds. The switch­able six-speed ZF auto works well, you can fid­dle with the sus­pen­sion set­tings and the steer­ing al­ways feels meaty and sharp. But the Gran­cab’s most com­pelling virtue is its ca­coph­ony. Press on and the thrum­ming cackle of the V8 rises to a falsetto F1 shriek. The 2012-on 444bhp Sport is even more vo­cal and sounds like Beelze­bub’s chain­saw above 3000 revs. The Sport also has the MC Shift gear­box, bet­ter ride qual­ity from the Sky­hook elec­tronic damp­ing plus stiffer springs and roll bars. Benz Bavar­ian in Derby has a 2013 Sport in white with 33k miles and full his­tory for £49,950. The Sport is def­i­nitely worth shelling out the ex­tra ten grand for.

Steer clear of any­thing too shouty or taste­less and go for sin­gle-colour black, tan or mag­no­lia leather. A Gran­cab with a duo-tone red in­te­rior with yel­low stitch­ing will al­ways be a tough sell. Un­like the ear­lier Gran­tur­ismo coupé, Maser’s con­vert­ible doesn’t seem to suf­fer the same re­li­a­bil­ity prob­lems.

Down­sides in­clude a small boot and only around 17mpg. The Merc SL63 and As­ton DB9 Volante may be slightly faster, but when it comes to rear ac­com­mo­da­tion the Gran­cab is a proper fam­ily-sized con­vert­ible that doesn’t feel like a wind tun­nel with the top down. And for most of us, be­ing able to share the joy of an ex­otic Ital­ian su­per­car with oth­ers is much more im­por­tant than hav­ing a place to put your put­ter.

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