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Got some­thing to help the off-road world go faster, keep their feet up longer or re­main more on time in an en­duro? Tell us, we could well put it in this bit.

1. Tooled up

What’s your on-bike tool­kit like? Is it pris­tine with ev­ery­thing you need for those un­planned out­door main­te­nance ses­sions – which can hap­pen even to the best of us – or is it more like a se­lec­tion of old tools, pos­si­bly rusty, maybe worn out and of­ten just in that scabby bag be­cause ‘…well, I al­ways carry these…’?

None of us likes to break down but here in the dirt bike world where we take to the rougher path, a slight in­ci­dent can cause ma­jor heartache, but if you know your tool­kit in­cludes not only the spe­cial 3/16ths met­ric gizmo for the waf­fle sprocket then the panic level goes way down. At the re­cent Mo­tul­backed Dirt Bike Show at Stoneleigh, CDB spot­ted the lat­est tai­lored tool­kit from Ven­hill and learnt it was for KTM mod­els. Like all their ‘Cruz’ tool­kits, the items inside are qual­ity tools and be­ing brand-new will work well.

WHAT IS IT? A KTM spe­cific tool­kit is what it is. WHAT’S IT DO? Saves an­guish and tears by hav­ing all the right tools in the right place at the right time. WHERE D’YOU GET IT? It’s avail­able from Ven­hill En­gi­neer­ing, www.ven­hill.co.uk 01306 885111 WHAT’S THE COST? It will set you back £80.03 in­clud­ing VAT but not postage and pack­ing.

2. Keep it cool

In the cut and thrust of MX it’s easy for brakes to get over­heated and lose ef­fi­ciency but the prob­lem is un­like that on a road bike where there’s a free flow of cool­ing air – a dirt bike doesn’t al­ways have that ad­van­tage. No, it’s more likely that the brake caliper will be coated in mud and muck which bakes on and warms things up nicely.

One of the ways to in­crease cool­ing ef­fi­ciency is to in­crease the area avail­able to dis­si­pate heat, ergo adding cool­ing fins and this is what M and H Laser’s brake cooler does. A sim­ple bolt-on ac­ces­sory which ac­tu­ally works and al­lows heat to be vented from hard­work­ing brakes means they work bet­ter for longer and you can brake later, know­ing you’ll stop. Surely that could be worth a place or two in the pack? Thing is it’s for disc brakes, you guys on drums will have to just ac­cept heat is a thing you’re stuck with.

The brake cooler is only part of M and H Laser’s range, we’ve also fea­tured their pad­dock stands in CDB and they also do the tro­phies for the North­ern Bri­tish Bike Cham­pi­onship, so check their web­site and see what they can do for you.

WHAT IS IT? It is a bolt-on heat dis­si­pa­ter for disc brakes. WHAT’S IT DO? It helps keep disc brakes cool. WHAT’S THE COST? De­pend­ing on the type and ap­pli­ca­tion, £40-£50 in­clud­ing VAT but not post and pack­ing. WHERE D’YOU GET IT? M and H Laser www.mh­laser.co.uk 01822 617102

3. Arise Sir Han­dle­bar

All com­pe­ti­tion bikes are built to cer­tain stan­dard di­men­sions, un­for­tu­nately peo­ple tend to come in dif­fer­ent sizes which makes life a bit tricky for de­sign­ers. It’s an ob­vi­ous state­ment that a bike which suits some­one medium height won’t al­ways be right for some­one taller.

Chang­ing han­dle­bars is an ex­pen­sive task and if the bend you’re us­ing suits you what hap­pens if you can’t get that in a higher bar? This is where things like bar ris­ers come in to play and of­fer an easy way to in­crease the han­dle­bar height on bikes with flat yokes.

These ones are made by Au­dit CNC Ltd, one of our tri­als se­ries spon­sors. Well made and nicely pol­ished, the al­loy bar ris­ers come with clamps and clamp Allen bolts but you’ll have to use the orig­i­nal mount­ing Allen bolt.

WHAT ARE THEY? Han­dle­bar ris­ers WHAT DO THEY DO? Al­low a rider to fine­tune the height of their han­dle­bars. WHERE D’YOU GET ‘EM? Au­dit CNC Ltd 0191 371 8888 ossy@au­ditcnc.com www.au­ditcnc.com

Do you make, im­port or oth­er­wise sup­ply bits and pieces, cloth­ing or other stuff the world of off- road mo­tor­cy­cling needs to know about? If so, then your prod­uct could be on these pages. Con­tact He­len in ad­ver­tis­ing on 01507 529574 or Tim Brit­ton on 07739 615605 / Cdbe­d­i­tor@mor­tons.co.uk

4. In the bore

Ar­guably, the Bri­tish mo­tor­cy­cle in­dus­try would have been much more com­pact with­out the Vil­liers en­gine. Imag­ine in the clas­sic pe­riod how many makes re­lied on a ver­sion of the two-stroke en­gine pro­duced by the Mid­lands­based com­pany.

Suf­fice to say the Vil­liers en­gine is still giv­ing its all to­day, 50 years on from the end of pro­duc­tion, thanks to the en­thu­si­asts who use them and the peo­ple who sup­ply parts for them.

En­thu­si­asts such as Steve Gollings at Vil­liers Ser­vices who has a pretty com­pre­hen­sive stock of all sorts of bits and is also adding new bits to his stock list, bits such as this pis­ton which we pho­tographed at Stafford show in Oc­to­ber. Known in Vil­liers cir­cles as the Holy Grail of Pis­tons it is de­signed for the 225cc 1H en­gine but when fit­ted to the 197 8E, 9E etc makes them into a 250. There’s no great high per­for­mance ben­e­fit but a great in­crease in torque which has to be good.

Vil­liers ser­vices tell us it is made to high stan­dards by a man­u­fac­turer noted for mak­ing mod­ern MX pis­tons and it has been de­signed to use off the shelf pis­ton rings so there will be no prob­lem with keep­ing com­pres­sion cor­rect.

It is avail­able in a full range of over­sizes from the stan­dard 63mm bore.

WHAT IS IT? It is a new pis­ton made to high stan­dards. WHAT’S IT FOR? Vil­liers 1H specif­i­cally but fits oth­ers such as 8E, 9E if the bore is in­creased. WHAT’S IT COST? It will set you back £85 plus VAT and comes with rings, gud­geon pin and cir­clips. There’ll be a bit ex­tra for postage too. WHERE DO YOU GET IT? www. vil­liersser­vices.co.uk 01384 265797

5. Su­per fuel

No, not for the bike but for the rider. Mo­tor­cy­cle sport is a phys­i­cally de­mand­ing one and it saps all sorts of vi­tal liq­uids from a rider's body which leads to fa­tigue, arm pump and worse… slows you down. The art of nu­tri­tion for ath­letes is well known and the ben­e­fits too but some­thing spe­cific for MX riders is less com­mon. On the MX Science stand at the Dirt Bike Show CDB learnt there is a way to com­bat the ef­fects of a long race on the rider’s body us­ing their Mo­tox Nu­tri­tion.

The need for such a prod­uct came when the guys were cast­ing about look­ing for en­ergy drinks and found there were lots avail­able but none were quite right. So they ap­proached some­one with more knowl­edge about these sorts of things and de­vel­oped Mo­tox Nu­tri­tion with the help of a qual­i­fied sci­en­tist in the nu­tri­tion field. The re­sult is a slow-re­lease de­liv­ery sys­tem which con­tains re­place­ments for all the vi­tal juices used up by a body un­der phys­i­cal stress. There are three flavours avail­able – lemon and lime, blue­berry and or­ange.

WHAT IS IT? A nu­tri­tional per­for­mance drink WHAT’S IT DO? Com­bats arm pump, fa­tigue and lac­tic acid build up. WHAT’S IT COST? It’s £19.99 for a 20 serv­ing pouch, and there are three flavours. WHERE D’YOU GET? it From MX Science www.mx­science.com tel 07494 332682 or email info@mx­science.com

6. On the turn

How many times have you had the bike up on a stand and needed to spin it round this way a lit­tle, or that way a lit­tle? This turntable will make that job a whole lot eas­ier as it is quite ca­pa­ble of sup­port­ing a large road bike, so can hap­pily take a stand which sup­ports a dirt bike. Made from che­quer plate alu­minium sheet the top sits in a smooth al­loy base and runs on a large 460mm di­am­e­ter bear­ing.

The orig­i­nal was made to solve a prob­lem in Mo­tor­works’ BMW work­shop and is 420mm in di­am­e­ter and has re­place­able feet, so, in about 20 years when they’re a bit shoo­gly, they can be re­placed. In CDB’S work­shop the turntable quite hap­pily held a bike stand with a 340 Bul­taco on it and, in an ex­per­i­ment with sev­eral chunks of larch quite hap­pily did the same job a cou­ple of feet in the air as it did on the ground. If you’ve lim­ited space in your garage then this could be a sen­si­ble ad­di­tion. It could also be used on a work­bench to make work­ing on an en­gine eas­ier.

WHAT IS IT? It’s a ba­sic turntable. WHAT’S IT DO? It al­lows a bike to be ro­tated in situ. WHAT’S THE COST? It’ll set you back £135 WHERE D’YOU GET IT? BMW spe­cial­ist www.mo­tor­works.co.uk 01484 353600







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