There are many rea­sons to con­tact a welder…

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There are many rea­sons to con­tact a welder...

… and it’s not al­ways be­cause some­thing has gone wrong. In any world where mo­tor­cy­cles are be­ing restored, raced or used there will be some­thing at some point which will need weld­ing. Of­ten this is be­cause some­thing has gone wrong in an event and there’s been un­planned con­tact with the scenery which has caused dam­age. Or maybe vi­bra­tion has cracked a lug on a frame, if the bike is older then per­haps rust has weak­ened a com­po­nent to the point where it’s holed and needs fill­ing.

The above sce­nar­ios are all the re­sult of in­ci­dents but there is the other side of weld­ing too. Maybe cur­rent think­ing sug­gests footrests should be fur­ther back than they are as stan­dard and they need cutting off and at­tach­ing in a dif­fer­ent place. Or per­haps a jig is needed on the bench to hold an engine which is be­ing worked on. Both these sce­nar­ios re­quire the at­ten­tion of a welder. In fact there are all sorts of dif­fer­ent rea­sons to call in the ser­vices of a welder and al­most as many dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als to weld too.

Maybe, as with our project bike, there’s a fin or two to reat­tach so some­one with alu­minium skills will be needed, or per­haps your bike is older and fins are cast iron? Per­haps the steel frame is in need of some at­ten­tion or if your frame is ear­lier and brazed and lugged then there’s more spe­cial­ist work needed. Our ad­vice here is to dis­cuss your needs with the pro­fes­sional you choose and heed their words.

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