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Cheshire racer Peter Mathia told us Jim San­di­ford was his first spon­sor and he rode Montesa for him from 1973-1976, then back for 1979. “I was on the 250 which was a fab­u­lous bike,” he re­calls, “along­side that came a 360 which wasn’t bril­liant, though could have come good, then came the 414 when I was back in the fold. That was a great bike and would have led to bet­ter things as there was a full 500 pro­to­type wait­ing to go, but the fac­tory hit trou­ble and it was shelved.” Peter said he’d been flown to New Zealand to do the 1979 na­tional cham­pi­onship there, when word came the fac­tory had closed. “Jim con­tacted me to say there was a prob­lem but not to worry as it would be sorted in a few weeks…sadly for them it wasn’t.” So Peter, did you en­joy your time with Montesa? “Oh yes, and San­di­fords were good to be with too, my 250 was com­pet­i­tive and I’d done a bit of mod­i­fy­ing to it, Jim of­ten turned a blind eye to such things. I was at a GP and rac­ing against Mikkola who’d got lay-down shocks on his Yamaha, they never did any­thing for fun so I thought ‘I’ll try that’ so I did and it made a dif­fer­ence. It was good that they didn’t mind us rid­ers try­ing stuff.”

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