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Scott Redmond on a Chinese brake swap. Adelin master cylinder anyone?


One area that I want to fiddle with on the SRAD is the front brakes. I have never been a fan of the Tokico six-pots (in fact, see my ‘bit’ on said anchors on page 54) and in the past I’ve swapped them for Nissin four-pots at every opportunit­y. Why? Well, it’s a quick and easy swap because they share the same bolt spacings. So, knowing I won’t be using my sixes I took them off and advertised them for sale. A few days later I’m £95 richer but lacking front brakes for my project bike! I also got shot of the master cylinder for an extra £40, mostly because it had some naff looking ‘Motogp’ inspired lever which really isn’t me. But, what do I replace these with? Browsing the internet one evening an advert for a funky radial style master cylinder caught my roving eye. The brand was unfamiliar even if the vendor turned out not to be. In a ‘the world is a small place type of way’, the lad stocking and selling these master cylinders also owns a GSX-R750 SRAD. By even bigger coincidenc­e it’s one that I owned back in 2008! Now, Adelin isn’t a household name so the chances are you haven’t heard of them and in that you’re not alone as neither had I. They are a Chinese-made brand, that are imported into the UK and retailed via social media: which all sounds very modern. With a price of only £52 that included recorded delivery, all I had to do was log in to Paypal and select what bore size and colour finish I wanted. I played it safe and went for the black option, though afterwards I wished I’d opted for the titanium one, but then I’m pants at making a decision.

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 ??  ?? Stripped, shorn, cleaned and bereft of brakes!
Stripped, shorn, cleaned and bereft of brakes!
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