Id­iot ed­i­tor fi­nally strips his £100 Hound to see what gives.

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OK, I’ve not done much for the last year on my £100 Hound Project VFR apart from get you lovely peo­ple to vote on a colour scheme but I’m about to change my mind. The change has come thanks to the fact that I re­ally need a rel­a­tively prac­ti­cal bike to use day-to-day. The idea of get­ting it painted up in these clas­sic VF colours is great, but I want to get this bike sorted ASAP. Needs must and all that… To re­cap, a mate bought this VFR750 F-R about eight years back. It stood for two years un­til I bought it in 2016. The rear tyre was flat, no bat­tery and the thing had failed an MOT thanks to a knack­ered shock. It had 40k on the di­als and dull paint­work. It was unloved but I paid just 100 notes for it. Un­der the sur­face I knew that around £760 had been spent on it over the pre­ced­ing five years, in­clud­ing that vi­tal reg-rec­ti­fier re­place­ment and Mo­tad stain­less down­pipes. I’d also man­aged to get a re­place­ment shock for the orig­i­nal – a su­perb YSS Z-se­ries from We­moto, as well as a bat­tery, and a chain and sprock­ets and some LSL ad­justable levers from Per­for­mance Parts Ltd: I man­aged to get some Hyper­pro fork springs from them too which I’m go­ing to use with some soon-to-come Liqui Moly heavy­weight fork oil. So I’ve got some parts, I’ve got some idea now as to what to do and I want to get the thing stripped to see what’s un­der those dull fair­ings. Much as I love the Kar Lee-in­spired body­work, I’m just think­ing of a tidy up in black with some sil­ver graphics to be hon­est. With my garage be­ing full of crap, I got the bike to CMM friends IDP Moto in Sil­ver­stone to rip the fair­ings off it and sneak­ily leave it with them while I sought some parts. Af­ter I made the tea, Daryll made the notes while me and IDP’S Craig Prior stripped the thing down… Daryll says: “Un­like last time Ber­tie stripped back his GPZ900R at our place. The VFR seemed to have a much less

sketchy pre­vi­ous life. This time, he knew the pre­vi­ous owner well and – un­like the GPZ – the var­i­ous bolts, screws and fas­ten­ers were solid and prop­erly tight rather than sus­pi­ciously fin­ger-tight. “Also, while the GPZ seemed to have had its body­work re-at­tached af­ter sit­ting ‘naked’ for some time (hence the dirt on that bike’s mo­tor/chas­sis) when the pan­els started to come off the VFR, we could see that other than gen­eral wear and tear and furred-up bolts, the only real is­sues were the en­gine cov­ers. Yup, the cov­ers on both sides were heav­ily wa­ter pit­ted – not what you nor­mally see on a qual­ity ma­chine like the VFR, but this one has clearly had a hard life. Ei­ther the big man needs to get them off and blasted, or he needs to source re­place­ments – if only so the bike looks nicer. I’d sug­gest the same for the wheels. If new tyres are go­ing on, he may as well get the wheels blasted and painted (they’re very heav­ily chipped) or source re­place­ments and sell these on. Other bits that looked pretty poor were things like the foot­pegs (eas­ily sorted with fairly cheap and cheer­ful rear-sets and foot levers) and bar-ends. “So, as the clothes came off, there were some good and some bad re­ac­tions. This VFR has a myr­iad of dif­fer­ing bolts/ Allen bolts/nuts and wash­ers hold­ing it to­gether – not many seem to be stan­dard for this model, some are clearly from the ‘make do and mend’ box and one on the left-hand side main fair­ing panel was chewed up and had to re­ceive at­ten­tion from the im­pact driver. He bagged-up the var­i­ous bolts, but I think – for peace of mind and looks alone – he should put his hand in his pocket for a Pro-bolt fair­ing kit.

Luck­ily this isn’t a ‘scratch and sniff’ shot: the hound was parked next to a lit­ter tray...

This was the fi­nal, cho­sen colour scheme: it may be a bridge too far!

They can’t stay like this.

This to be re­placed by car­bon GPR end can.

May re­place hoses.

Can clamp close to tyre!

Caliper/forks in good nick.

Rear wheel scabby.

Pipes pleas­ingly new.

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