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Sim­ply put, this has been the big­gest and most pos­i­tive ad­di­tion to my bik­ing life since the hum­ble earplug. Twenty-three years back I never both­ered with earplugs as I was a re­fusenik: let’s just say I was nil by ear canal, but when I tried them I was con­vinced. It’s been the same with sat nav – or at least un­til I tried a Tomtom. Now, I’m not knock­ing the op­po­si­tion here – I’ve used Garmin in the past (first time was on a BMW launch in 2001 and I had my own black and white hand-held) but by the time I had moved up to the Tomtom Rider 410 sys­tem, per­haps I wasn’t such a Lud­dite as I once was. I still love maps, but – over the last two years – the Rider 410 has been used al­most daily: both on two wheels and four. The Premium Pack means you get a car-mount and a lock­ing kit for the bike. To be hon­est, all the faff means it’s eas­ier just to whip the thing off when you head into a ser­vice sta­tion as I don’t re­ally think the lock would stand much of a ‘yank’. But that's just my own view. The ro­tat­ing screen sits atop a RAM mount­ing unit. The mounts come in var­i­ous guises and means I’ve used the unit on mod­ern bikes as well as older ma­chines such as CBR1000XX Su­per Black­birds and the like. If you’ve not got a power socket, you have to re­mem­ber to charge the thing the night be­fore. I’ve had around five hours of con­tin­u­ous use with­out a charge and Tomtom claim six: I’m not com­plain­ing. You can utilise the ‘Life­time World Maps’ or the ‘Life­time Speed Cam­eras’ or ‘Life­time Tomtom Traf­fic’ where you use a data link to get up­dated traf­fic info, or the lat­est maps and cam­era po­si­tions and use your phone with a Blue­tooth set-up but – well, I’m not quite ‘there’ yet. This will do me for the time be­ing. I’m in my com­fort zone. This is also the ‘Great Rides Edi­tion’ so you can press a but­ton and choose any of the pre-loaded great rides in the 16gb mem­ory. For ‘Ber­tie no-mates’ it’s like hav­ing a mate you can fol­low. It can also give you a more en­ter­tain­ing windy route home. The 11cm touch-screen works great with all but the bulki­est win­ter gloves and the only is­sue I’ve had is a ten­dency for the unit to ‘some­times’ de­cide that it’s in por­trait rather than land­scape mode, which hurts the nog­gin as you twist your swede to see what di­rec­tion to go in. It’s pricey, but when you re­alise it dou­bles as a bril­liant car sat nav, it’s not so bad: and – if you shop around – deals are to be had for the whole Premium Pack and you can buy the ba­sic unit it­self. All I would add is a power socket so you’re not left high and dry with no power.

Easy to see screen and a dod­dle to use.

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