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I en­joyed your write-up of the Yamaha GTS1000 in April’s is­sue. I test-rode a demo bike in 1992 from Fl­itwick Motorcycles (Steve Lins­dell’s shop) and was hugely im­pressed by the bike, but not its price tag. Five years later I bought an ac­ci­dent-dam­aged Ja­panese im­port GTS1000A that looked like it would be a fairly easy, cos­metic re­pair. This turned out not to be the case, and it needed most of the front end re­plac­ing. I be­came very well ac­quainted with the bike’s en­gi­neer­ing, but even­tu­ally had it back on the road, and used it as stan­dard for many years, in­clud­ing two-up tour­ing with ou­tra­geous amounts of lug­gage, which didn’t faze it a bit. In the end, I owned nine GTS1000S over the years and still have the first one, al­though it is some­what mod­i­fied now. The jour­nal­ists and crit­ics slagged it off as be­ing too slow, heavy and ex­pen­sive. Well, it was never slow (140mph cruis­ing with rock-solid han­dling, as I found out), and a smooth spread of power al­most as good as the FJ1200. But it was se­ri­ously over­weight and over-en­gi­neered. Yamaha should have fit­ted a pepped-up FZR1000 EXUP en­gine, lost at least 50kg of weight, styled it as a fu­tur­is­tic sports bike (think R1 here) and de­vel­oped a sin­gle-model rac­ing se­ries to pro­mote it. That is what I wanted any­way, so I built one: 135bhp Thun­der­ace en­gine, Honda VFR750 sin­gle-sided rear-end (a right bug­ger to fit), Suzuki SRAD rear end to com­ple­ment the smoothed-out front fair­ing, ad­justable JOTA bars, ZXR400 rear sets, the list (and the costs) went on. It has ended up as shown in the pic­tures at­tached. Now it is wait­ing for a matched pair of wheels to fin­ish it off and a proper paint job. Un­for­tu­nately, time, money and health have got in the way for a cou­ple of years. Love the magazine by the way! Brian Steers Ber­tie says: “Brian – that looks so cool. You’re a vi­sion­ary. We’d love to try it when it’s com­plete. Have a set of Bridge­stone’s finest for your GTS!”

Hints of SRAD and VFR!

Brian’s ‘sport’ GTS.

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