“I own this VFR750F Honda”

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Gerry Glidewell, who owns the VFR750F-T that is the sub­ject of this fea­ture, is a man who con­sid­ers his motorcycles thought­fully. “I started out on Fizzies and Suzuki trail bikes in the Sev­en­ties like most of us, but could only af­ford one ve­hi­cle, and re­verted to Ford Es­corts,” he says. “But af­ter start­ing again in 1992 I had a CB650Z Honda four and then a VFR750F-K, one of the early ones. I thought it was fast and smooth – you could pull in top from 25 to 70mph so eas­ily – but was fairly heavy for most of my rid­ing: I didn’t need a quick tourer. “That’s when I switched to CB500 twins: I had two of them. Later I had a cou­ple of 650 and 700 Transalps, then Tri­umphs, a Thun­der­bird Sport and a 900 Sprint Sport. Af­ter those I switched to a BMW R1100S, but that was too sporty for two-up rid­ing with my now wife Fiona, so that was re­placed by a more re­laxed R1150R and traded up to an even bet­ter F800S Sch­nitzer Spe­cial, which I still have.” Gerry didn’t for­get the VFR though. “The build qual­ity was sec­ond to none,” he re­calls, “and when I was think­ing about get­ting a clas­sic this VFR750F-T came up. It was be­ing sold by a mate in Maid­stone who I knew had looked af­ter it, hav­ing for ex­am­ple fit­ted a stain­less ex­haust. “They al­ways rot. It doesn’t look like it has clocked 40,000 miles and runs as good as new. It was a bar­gain at £1800. You’re tucked in so they’re not so good in town, but on the open road it’s fan­tas­tic.”

Gerry and his very nice F-T.

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