Honda VFR750F/800F his­tory

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1986-87 VFR750F (G, H) All-new model: alu­minium-al­loy beam frame, 748cc (70x48.6mm) liq­uid-cooled 90º V4 en­gine with 180-deg crankshaft, cen­tre gear-driven DOHC, 16 valves, 105bhp at 10,500rpm. 16in and 18in wheels with TRAC anti-dive 37mm forks. Dry weight 199kg.

1990 VFR750F-L Com­plete chas­sis re­design with shorter wheel­base, re­vised steer­ing ge­om­e­try and new alu­minium al­loy frame in­cor­po­rat­ing sub­frame and sin­gle-sided ‘Pro-arm’ swingarm re­plac­ing con­ven­tional rear fork. Wheels now 3.5x17in and 5.5x17in, and 41mm front fork im­proved. Re­vised cylin­der heads with bucket-and-shim valve ac­tu­a­tion. Dry weight 216kg.

1994-97 VFR750F (R,S, T,V) Com­plete chas­sis re­design with new alu­minium-al­loy beam frame and all-red body­work with styling sim­i­lar to the ovalpi­s­toned NR750. Light­en­ing of frame, wheels (in­clud­ing nar­rower 5.0in rear rim), front fork, sin­gle-sided swingarm and an­cil­lary items is said to cut weight by seven kg to 209kg. Carbs re­duced to 34mm and ex­haust re­tuned for bet­ter re­sponse.

2002-2013 VFR800 V-TEC Most sig­nif­i­cant change with restyled body­work and 782cc en­gine in­cor­po­rat­ing V-TEC, or sys­tem for op­er­at­ing just one of the two in­let valves for each cylin­der below 6800rpm to im­prove low-end torque. Cam drive re­verts to chain. Ex­haust sys­tem re­vised with fash­ion­able but im­prac­ti­cal twin si­lencers un­der the seat. Fuel tank ca­pac­ity in­creased and four bulbs used in head­lamps. 1988-89 VFR750F (J, K) Wheels changed to 17in front and rear. Fork leg di­am­e­ter upped from 37mm to 41mm. Fair­ing al­tered from two-part to three-part as­sem­bly along with two-po­si­tion screen and faired-in turn sig­nals. Only change to en­gine is up­dated ig­ni­tion. In­stru­ment panel in­cludes fuel gauge and clock.

1992 VFR750F-M Cos­metic al­ter­ations to body­work. En­gine re­tuned with dif­fer­ent cam tim­ing and a larger si­lencer to im­prove top-end power. Front fork re­design with car­tridge in­ter­nals.

1993 VFR750F-N Cos­metic changes in­clud­ing white wheels matched with white body­work in some mar­kets.

1998-2001 VFR800FI Com­plete ground-up re­design with fu­elin­jected en­gine de­rived from the RC45 racer fea­tur­ing 782cc (72 x 48mm) ca­pac­ity and side-mounted gear cam drive and novel alu­minium al­loy frame bolted to top of crankcases, the sin­gle-sided swingarm piv­ot­ing on the rear of the gear­box. Side-mounted ra­di­a­tors. Dual com­bined brak­ing sys­tem and restyled wheels.

2014-on VFR800F Com­plete re­design again that con­tin­ues to­day with more sub­dued Ital­ian-in­flu­enced styling, ex­haust sys­tem re­verted to con­ven­tional four-into-one po­si­tion. Ad­justable seat height. Shift as­sist clutch. Trac­tion con­trol. Power of the 782cc en­gine still peaks at 105bhp but dry weight is still 242kg.

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