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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - - BUYER'S GUIDE -

Ac­cept that noth­ing is cheap any more in the clas­sic world and you can be­gin to see why folk are ask­ing £2500 plus for any Honda CB125T in rea­son­able con­di­tion and run­ning with an MOT. Project ex­am­ples with ev­ery­thing there start from as lit­tle as £500 with dog rough ones half that. Much be­yond £2.5k and the bike re­ally will have to be ex­tremely good for that sort of money. Even though the CB125T falls into the ever-widen­ing chasm of be­ing per­ceived as a clas­sic, the model is not in par­tic­u­larly high de­mand. There’s noth­ing overtly wrong with it but it’s not in the same league as, say, a Yamaha RD125LC or a Kawasaki AR125. At all costs avoid any ex­am­ple that’s been sup­pos­edly con­verted into a café racer, bob­ber, brat or what­ever; pay de­cent money for a CB125T thus bas­tardised and you can ex­pect to see lit­tle of your cash back. It’s just one of those bikes that seems to at­tract the ‘an­gle grinder and coach bolt on bri­gade’.

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