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The en­gine of the hy­brid comes from an early H1 and this very act may sound to purists at least like some kind of heinous crime. For those of a sen­si­tive na­ture fear not be­cause the en­gine isn’t one of the sa­cred bridged port mo­tors. In fact it’s highly un­likely that the bar­rels, heads and var­i­ous en­gine cases we’re us­ing were ever built as one ho­mo­ge­neous unit any­way. The hy­brid’s power unit will con­sist of nu­mer­ous pre­vi­ously unas­so­ci­ated units res­cued from po­ten­tial obliv­ion and pressed back into ser­vice on this project. And what of the rest of the bike you ask? Well it re­ally wasn’t in the best of states so it too has been adapted to a new pur­pose. Owner Ian Bird has fit­ted a later, longer, H2 swingarm to the H1’s frame, in­stalled a front-end from a KH250, in­stalled 50mm over length rear shocks and had the temer­ity to drop in a mildly tuned H2 750 mo­tor. Heresy you say? No, not when the H2 mo­tor drops di­rectly into the H1’s chas­sis with no mod­i­fi­ca­tions what­so­ever; even the H2’s ig­ni­tion boxes fit pre­cisely where the 500’s units used to sit. It al­most is as Kawasaki wanted it to hap­pen. The 500/750 hy­brid now en­joys life as a drag strip ma­chine and surely that has to be a good re­sult?

H2 mo­tor in H1 frame.

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