Our Scot­tie finds him­self ut­terly ex­hausted sim­ply by try­ing to sort out the pipes and end-can on his SRAD!

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Scott Red­mond is ex­hausted this month. It’s an end-can thing.

Do­ing a pro­ject can be ex­haust­ing work, not just be­cause of the time you ded­i­cate to those ‘just pop­ping out to the garage, won’t be long,’ mo­ments, but even sourc­ing the parts you need (or think you need) can suck up hours of your life that you won’t get back. I’ve all but ex­hausted my op­tions for sort­ing out the par­tic­u­larly sorry-look­ing zorst on my SRAD. The stan­dard can that it wore upon its ar­rival was never go­ing to stay; the last owner had only fit­ted it be­cause cer­tain track days he went on run to some rather strin­gent rules on noise. Af­ter­mar­ket race cans might sound and look the part, but more of­ten than not in these ‘wrap-us-upin-cot­ton-wool-and-re­strict-our-fun’ times, these loud cans won’t get you track­side on more and more track day ses­sions: which is a bit of a shame as some­times the fun is also in the sound. Now, I am not a fan of car­bon-fi­bre cans, in fact I don’t re­ally like car­bon-fi­bre full-stop. For me it’s got be a nice metal si­lencer, I just think that pol­ished al­loy si­lencers look so cor­rect on 1990s race reps. As I have no plans to go on any track days, I do like the idea of an end can that isn’t overly of­fen­sive noise-wise. I think I’m fi­nally get­ting old! My next thing to con­sider be­fore gaz­ing at ebay on my phone for an age, search­ing and nar­row­ing down my pos­si­bil­i­ties, is

the fact that my ex­haust down­pipes look pretty crap. They ap­pear to be solid (so that’s a good thing) how­ever they do have lots of sur­face rust. I could tart them up but I have a much bet­ter idea! The great thing with older Suzuki mod­els is just how much in­ter­changes be­tween the mod­els, if you’ve ever mucked about with Slab­bies and Sling­shots you’ll be aware of just how many parts from later bikes can be retro fit­ted, ev­ery­thing from calipers and wheels, to forks and swingarms can all be swapped back and forth. There’s an an­swer to my down­pipe prayers in the shape of the Suzuki GSX-R1000 K1 ti­ta­nium head­ers. These light­weight beau­ties are a direct re­place­ment for the crusty, rusty, musty old SRAD steel items. Even bet­ter is the fact that the GSX-R1000 K2 came with a ti­ta­nium link pipe which goes all blue with years of use so it even looks ‘hot’. Like, lit­er­ally! So, it looks great, saves weight and won’t rot away and it also slips straight on the K1 col­lec­tor box out­let. I love it when a plan comes to­gether! Af­ter trawl­ing ebay on and off for a few weeks only one set ap­peared for sale; I would’ve bought them but they were heav­ily dam­aged across the down­pipes, in a way that in­di­cated the front wheel had ended its life buried in them af­ter a crash. Al­ways take a good look at the pic­tures when buy­ing sec­ond-hand parts: yes I know it’s ob­vi­ous, but it’s all too easy to blun­der in – espe­cially if (like with these pipes) our favourite auc­tion sites aren’t awash with choice. Like the old adage ‘mea­sure twice, cut once’ I sug­gest ‘look thrice, buy once!’ Think­ing about it, they could’ve been re­paired I sup­pose, but stick­ing to my rule, I de­cided to keep on look­ing. This is where I got bored and ended up buy­ing a re­ally clean af­ter­mar­ket al­loy end can for a bar­gain price of £40! That’ll do for now I thought, just slap some paint on the ex­ist­ing head­ers and move on to the next job. The can ar­rived and sat un­wrapped in my garage for a week, why do we do that? Buy stuff, pay for pre­mium delivery and then not open it for days? Or is it just me? The up­shot was the can was in ex­cel­lent con­di­tion, but it wasn’t for an SRAD, it also wasn’t even al­loy! It was a highly pol­ished stain­less steel item. How I laughed. The bolt up pat­tern was the same at first glance, but it doesn’t match up with the three holes on the head­ers, by now I had lost in­ter­est in my £40 bar­gain. I’m think­ing it will go back on the Bay soon… With all this to-ing and fro-ing, I have de­cided to stick with plan A and keep an eye out for some GSX-R1000 K1 items and to heck with any other bright idea! See? I did tell you that this pro­ject lark can be ex­haust­ing.

Rarely do GSX-R cans stay fresh!

Looks al­most stan­dard – but this isn’t.

Bat­tered stan­dard above...

Has the same stud-spac­ing... or does it?­most as stan­dard on a used GSX-R!

Car­bon tat scoops come...


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