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They say you either have a Shoei shaped head or an Arai one. If this is true than I’m a bit of a freak be­cause I have man­aged the tran­si­tion from long-term Arai wearer to Shoei lover with no need for a lo­bot­omy. Since 2005 I’d worn the SAME Arai: no, I can’t re­call the model, but it was a high-end one and cost me more than £300. Af­ter over a decade of use it was past its best, a brief flir­ta­tion with a Shark Sk­wal (sub £200 lid) made me re­alise you re­ally do get what you pay for – but that’s just my opin­ion. Last sum­mer this Shoei GT Air Pri­mal en­tered my life, it’s been my daily lid ever since. I don’t drive, so I prob­a­bly take my lid off more times in one day than some rid­ers might over the course of the week. The dou­ble-d fas­ten­ers might at first ap­pear to be a bit dated, but they work: the craze for seat belt fas­tener straps isn’t some­thing that overly ap­peals to me and my time with the Shark con­firmed this. Again when us­ing a bike day-in and day-out I’ve long since got over the pain of swap­ping clear vi­sors for tinted ones: per­fect vision is my pri­or­ity, not look­ing cool on the A1 in a down­pour at night… So this hel­met is the first full face Shoei that comes with a built in sun vi­sor which works well. The fi­bre­glass shell has a num­ber of vents and scoops and at first I tried dif­fer­ent set­tings out of dev­il­ment, af­ter a few weeks I got bored and just left them alone. I also re­sisted the urge to fit the anti-fog Pin­lock in­sert at first, just to check if it needed it, of course it did, so I gave in and fit­ted it. An­other quirk of mine is that in 32 years of rid­ing mo­tor­cy­cles I’ve never worn earplugs, so I’m al­ways happy to find a lid that’s well fit­ting, which tends to help keep out­side noise in­tru­sion to a min­i­mum, the GT Air Pri­mal is def­i­nitely one of the best lids that I’ve worn on this score. The fin­ish is su­perb on the en­tire lid, from the re­mov­able inner padding, to the deep red, white and blue fin­ish on the shell. It re­minds me of a 1980s Wayne Gard­ner replica lid; he had a Shoei head af­ter all, didn’t he? Ul­ti­mately I say ig­nore the Arai/shoei myth and go try one on – this is a great ev­ery­day piece of kit. ■ Scot­tie Red­mond www.shoeias­


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