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I was de­lighted to see the ar­ti­cle on the Honda Evo Blade in the March is­sue of CMM. The Evo Blade is such a rare bike that I have found that the ma­jor­ity of peo­ple do not even know it ex­ists, I have even spo­ken to Honda deal­ers who did not know it had been pro­duced. I was lucky enough to pur­chase one of these rare ma­chines in 2011. The bike had only 450 miles on it when I pur­chased it, it has now only cov­ered 923 miles. It seems that Ian Ed­mond­son has been more for­tu­nate than me in ob­tain­ing in­for­ma­tion re­gard­ing his Evo Blade. When I con­tacted both Honda UK and RS Per­for­mance in 2011, in an ef­fort to ob­tain any in­for­ma­tion re­gard­ing the Evo Blade, Honda UK could not pro­vide any in­for­ma­tion and RS Per­for­mance were un­sure if they still held the de­tails for the bikes they had built. Al­though, the guy I spoke to did men­tion he had a bag of num­bered plaques for the top yokes, which you state have now been passed onto Ian. He did man­age to put me in touch with an­other Evo owner. My in­ten­tion has al­ways been to try and set up a reg­is­ter of the Evo Blades still in ex­is­tence; I have man­aged to ac­count for nine of the bikes pro­duced in­clud­ing my own. In an ef­fort to trace any other bikes still out there, could you ask Ian if he is will­ing to cor­re­spond with me re­gard­ing any in­for­ma­tion he has from RS Per­for­mance, and if any of your read­ers own or know of any Evo Blades that could be added to the list.. Roger Bell Ber­tie says: “We’ve passed your de­tails on to Ian, Roger! Glad you liked it!”

EVO Blades are like buses...

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