Quirky, quirky…

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - - FEEDBACK - Dave An­der­son

Would you please stop this ir­ri­tat­ing trait of re­peat­edly us­ing the word ‘quirky’ in the magazine? At first it seemed to be only the edi­tor Ber­tie who used it but var­i­ous con­trib­u­tors are now us­ing it over and over again, as a blan­ket term when de­scrib­ing some un­usual trait or fea­ture of the bike they are writ­ing about with­out any ex­pla­na­tion as to what in par­tic­u­lar they are re­fer­ring to. The April is­sue re­ally took the bis­cuit: I lost count of the num­ber of times this word was used.

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