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We spoke to Vin Egan from V Bikes who has bought, sold and stripped Honda 750s for parts over the years. Here’s some of his CB750 wis­dom on parts and avail­abil­ity.

■ Ex­hausts: NOS sys­tems are ex­tremely rare and pricey. There are some ex­cel­lent pat­tern sys­tems out there, mostly for the four-pipe mod­els. They won’t carry vi­tal hall­marks of gen­uine Honda sys­tems, but they will look beau­ti­ful when fit­ted.

■ Body­work: There’s plenty still out there, tanks are hard to find in tip top con­di­tion. Be­ing steel they do rot so avoid poor re­pairs, espe­cially if you in­tend to in­vest money in a pro­fes­sional re­spray.

■ Carbs: Easy to re­move, strip and clean. Parts are read­ily avail­able and with the right tools it’s a job that is eas­ily achiev­able by any­one with some me­chan­i­cal know-how.

■ Dam­age: Crash dam­age is worth check­ing for and be­fore get­ting a frame re­painted it’s worth check­ing that it’s straight…

■ En­gine: Built to last so don’t be put off by high mileages. They do like reg­u­lar oil and fil­ter changes to keep them in tip top con­di­tion.

■ If you are re­build­ing a mo­tor, parts are plen­ti­ful, plus you can add ex­tra pep with some Wiseco big-bore pis­tons and a lumpy camshaft for that ‘spe­cial’ feel.

■ The odd ball mod­els: The Honda Bri­tain is one model that’s ma­tur­ing rather well. Ba­si­cally it is a pimped up CB750F1/F2 and it’s a real taste of the Sev­en­ties race-rep scene and worth a good look.

■ Best advice: Buy the bike you want and if that’s a clapped out restora­tion project you will be fine find­ing a ma­jor­ity of the parts you will need to com­plete the project. Like­wise, if pay­ing good money for a shiny bike in road-go­ing con­di­tion takes your fancy, then go for it!

■ The numbers game: It goes with­out say­ing to check frame and en­gine numbers, as you would any­thing else. Be­ware of any­thing where the numbers look to have been tam­pered with.

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